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I'm an open book, but can't say I'm an easy read... :-)

Oh man, I hate this part. This is the part where I have to somehow convince you that I am THE awesome-most stud of a studded up man-stud, dipped in the sweet awesome-sauce of pure weapons grade awesome.

Or at least convince you that I might be worth a coffee date or two. =)

So let me think: I have the ambition of a candidate running for President, am honest as a mirror, and like to spend my free time rescuing injured kittens and feeding the starving children at the local orphanage. That is, in between regular sessions at the gym where I continue to work on my rippling muscles and finely tuned sculptured body. Oh, and I’m also ten feet tall. For realsies. The children also like to sing songs and dance around me while I air guitar, sort of like Barney the Dinosaur, only a LOT less irritating.

Oh, and I like to make people laugh too. Because you know, that awesome thing.

I’m also debt-free, hold down a good job and rake in a secondary income from freelancing too. Ultimately I’m looking to develop a career via the Internet so I have the autonomy of moving and traveling anywhere in the country. I love the freedom of not being in an office and exploring the world.

I also like to have fun, so I don’t think you’ll need to worry that any time you spend with me would involve watching me curl up in a fetal ball of agony and despair while I cry into my pillow. Besides, I only do that on Tuesdays, and I imagine you’ll be too busy to hang out then.

I also like to travel too, so if you play your cards right, I might even let you come along, and if I REALLY start to fancy you, I might even refrain from billing you for gas and tolls. Kidding, I’d never do that, because you know, that awesome thing again.

I guess that’s it for now, anything else you’d like to know, you’re just gonna have to ask me directly. Or let me know if you enjoyed reading this. :-)

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